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Red vs Blue

Remeber to see Red vs Blue videos go to my friend Rooster Teeth at www.redvsblue.com

Fall Of Reach

Remember the new Halo game Halo:Reach falls in September 14,2010 so reserve it today at your local Game Stop or EB Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sit-Rep on Reach

On more intel on Halo Reach.

For those firefight lovers of ODST,Halo Reach continues the saga on the game,making a wholeeeee new Firefight V.2

Halo:Reach can be reserved know for 59:99 US or 79:99 US.Reserve know and unlock a new code for the RECON mask on Reach for especially Matchmaking (not in Halo 3)

A funny new feature on Halo:Reach-You can change the gender of your Spartan from male-female to look different

New guns,new transports,new enemies,new experience